WATCH: New poll shows Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president since 1945


Transcript for New poll shows Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president since 1945

The just released ABC news poll giving us an intriguing window of how Americans view the presidency of Donald J. Trump. 42% of Americans say they approve of what the president is doing. That is lower than any other recent president, who, on average, had a 69% approval rating at the 100-day mark. That said, there’s very little buyer’s remorse. 96% of them say they would vote for him again today. Fascinating. The poll examines America’s attitudes about all sorts of issues. Only 34% of Americans approve of him giving his daughter and son-in-law prom intercept positions. We find David Wright in Washington. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Dan and Paula. That first 100-day mark is considered the honey moon period. It’s the president’s pest chance to build on momentum from a campaign victory. This new ABC news/”washington post” poll finds that for trump, there SNO honeymoon. President trump made his first visit to Walter reed medical September they are weekend. Pinning a purple heart on a wounded soldier. At this point in his presidency, trump has the lowest approval rating of any modern president. Lower even than Gerald Ford, right after watergate. And yet, 96% of trump’s voters say they have no regrets. Trump gets high Marx for pressuring American companies to keep jobs here in the U.S. For too long, we have watched as our factories have been closed and our jobs have been sent to other faraway lands. Reporter: Nearly 3 out of 4 voters, including many liberals who are otherwise critical of trump like that message. America first. We’re going to defend our workers, protect our jobs, and finally, put America first. Reporter: There are foreign policy bright spots, too. Tonight, I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched. Reporter: 51% support his missile strikes against Syria. And nearly half say he’s handling the situation with North Korea about right. And 50% disapprove of major changes he’s proposed in federal spending. Thousands of those critics took to the streets for Earth day, Saturday. Taking part in the March for science, coast to coast. What do we want? All: Science! When do we want it? Reporter: Trump, who just three years ago was dismissed of so-called Earth day fired back. Inassisting his administration is committed to keeping our air and water clean, to preserve our forests and Lakes and open spaces. Across the board, his numbers lag behind president Obama after his first 100 days. It finds that 2 out of 3 voters, 67% say that the party is out of touch, the democratic party, is out of touch with most Americans. It’s an important point. No big winner in the poll for sure.

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